Thank You

I have written the statement below with advice from my mentors and elders, in acknowledgement that our relationship was quite public. 

Dear family, friends and supporters it is with deep sadness that I am writing to you to let you know that Precious (Chidi) and I are no longer together as the engagement and relationship has been called off. It was a difficult and painful decision to come to, this being said, I wish to thank everyone for their support, both spiritually and physically. Being a woman of integrity, I have refunded all the generous gifts of those who blessed us and I genuinely honour you the same way in which you honoured us with such support, love and prayers.
Please accept my deepest apologies for any disappointment this may have caused you, but understand that your labour of love toward us was not in vain. I am most certainly looking forward to what the future holds and learning the vital lessons in this period.
My prayer is that those in relationships remain encouraged and follow God’s leading like your life depends on it – because it does! Our relationship was never the standard or ‘relationship goals’, God is the ultimate goal. Looking back in hindsight, we were premature in being so open with our journey, as there was a lot of work to be done in us both. It was not our intention, nor did we in any way want to send out confused messages to His children, our brothers and sisters.
Marriage is beautiful. ‘When Purpose Meets Purpose’ is explosively beautiful, BUT both purposes have to be celebrated, imbalances need to find equilibrium. God needs to be the centre and His word – the focus, not emotions, man or buildings. If you are looking for some great resources, shared journeys pertaining to relationships, please see the links at the bottom.
I pray that we may all at sometime celebrate together some day. Until then remain blessed and carry on with the Love and support to generously show to those you believe in.
Yours sincerely in Christ,
P.S. I ask for your sensitivity at this time by refraining from bombarding me with quests for ‘gist’ lool. To truly reflect God’s love and character I do not want bullying or defamation of character to come out of this. Abba is teaching me what honour looks like, even in a place of hurt. Let us show love, move on swiftly together and please #LoveMeWithPrayer ❤
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